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Feb 2011 The Spectator: Investment Special “Brazilian adventure”
An intrepid investor’s response to the global food shortage:
12 February 2011
Sept 2010 The Miracle of the Cerrado
An “agricultural miracle” has enabled Brazil to turn itself in 30 years from a food importer into “one of the world’s great breadbaskets”, and to do so, astonishingly, without government subsidy, reports The Economist in its August 26th 2010 edition. A combination of natural resources, technology and private sector investment has made it possible for Brazil to increase the amount of farmland under cultivation by a third since 1996, with the key being the transformation by large farming groups of its cerrado, or dry bush, in states such as Bahia (where Agrifirma has its operations) and Piaui. The full article can be read here:
July 2010 IMF’s praise for Brazil
In its latest annual assessment of Brazil, the IMF concluded: “Brazil has recovered from the global crisis sooner and faster than most other economies, and has already registered a full year of strong growth.....Brazil’s strong macroeconomic framework and the authorities’ timely policy response were critical in containing the negative effects of the global crisis and laying the groundwork for the recovery. Macroeconomic resilience was due both to the strength of the financial system and the combination of fiscal responsibility, exchange rate flexibility, and a credible commitment to inflation targeting — the pillars of the successful macroeconomic strategy that Brazil has pursued over the last decade”. Read more:
April 2010 "Farmers sow seeds of corporate openness"
Published in the Financial Times, London:
15 April 2010
July 2009 IMF Report on Brazil
Published by the International Monetary Fund:
June 2009 Betting the Farm
By Brian O'Keefe. Fortune Magazine: Retire Rich 2009:
Mar 2009 What To Buy Now
By Jim Slater. Published in the Investors Chronicle:
Part 1: 13 March 2009
Part 2: 20 March 2009
Feb 2008 Why Brazil?
By Jim Slater. Published in the Investors Chronicle:
1 February 2008

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